UNC Amsterdam

Modern Abstract Arch Cushion


Reflecting upon a time in which museums were forced to close their doors and we weren’t able to see their many treasures, is the design of Urban Nature Culture’s Modern Art E cushion. Our homes became our sanctuaries, our place of security. But more than ever, did it turn into the place where everything happened – sharing laughter, love, memories and hope for the future. Life slowed down and we spent everyday life together, with a small selection of loved ones. Our interior became even more meaningful, and so we decided to dedicate one of our designs to the wonder of Modern Art – so you’ll have at least a part of your beloved museum right there at home. Made of a cotton flex base and a black cotton velvet patch, this cut & sow beauty will stand out anywhere – whether you’ll add it to your garden’s lounge set, or rest it on your reading chair.

70 * 40 CM

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