Rosa Soy Wax Candle: Rosewood and Rose Geranium | Large


A rich, velvety blend with a woody base, sweet rose notes and herbaceous hints, inspired by the incredible Rosa Parks.

The inclusion of rosewood oil in this candle inspired by Rosa Parks is, of course, a tribute to her name. But we’re always intrigued by the symbolism of the plants and flowers we use, and when we learned that the rosewood tree is known as a symbol of integrity, strength and feminine energy, we knew it was an even more perfect choice than we’d realised! Rosa's act of rebellion on that Montgomery bus in 1955 was a one-woman demonstration of strength and integrity that became the catalyst for the civil rights movement, sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and ultimately led to Alabama’s racial segregation laws being declared unconstitutional.

We’ve added rose geranium to beautifully balance rosewood's sweeter notes and give the scent a herbaceous depth. The result is a bold, unapologetically floral blend with an impressive throw and a powerful aromatherapeutic effect on your body and mind. Light it to infuse any space with a soothing fragrance that can help you relax, detoxify and overcome stress.

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