Sofa Sofa Sofa! Decisions and Discounts.

When we decided to open the shop, we searched high and low for suppliers that would fit in with our brand ethos; aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable and affordable. 

When it came to sofa suppliers, we considered a few options, but quickly realised what we really needed was right under our nose! Adrian, who had the shop "House, Morningside" in this location before we moved in, had worked with a UK based sofa manufacturer for years and built up a good relationship with them - as we explored them in depth, we realised that their values interlocked well with our own and decided to continue with them!

Mia Sofa Available At Six Acres Edinburgh On Sale Discount

How Do We Love Our Sofas? Let Me Count The Ways!

  1. Made in the UK (Wales specifically), so no hefty shipping delays!
  2. Frames are made from seasoned hardwood from FSC certified sustainable sources
  3. All frames come with a 10 year guarantee
  4. There's a vast selection of attractive and durable fabrics (with an expanding recycled collection)
  5. Sofa fillings are made from recycled fibres (a foam inner pad can be added as an upgrade for a firmer seat)
  6. The factory has a Zero Landfill policy (and has done since 2017)
  7. They make sofas for Independent retailers throughout the UK and support their Indies well
  8. They're just a bit lovely! We adore how they look and feel and value that Adrian and his customers had such good things to say about their purchases... in fact many have been in to say that the sofa they purchased years ago is still going strong and that they're in love with it!

July is a quieter month in retail as people start to think more about their well-deserved summer holidays and become more conscious of additional spending.

We're here to help out by offering 15% off new sofa orders for the entire month and spreading the cost over two payments, 50% now, and the balance in 8 - 10 weeks at delivery stage!

This means that you can have one last summer with your existing sofa (no worries about mucky paws or sticky fingers!) and replace it with a brand new one in autumn, just in time for darker, cosy evenings!

Finally, if you do decide to replace your sofa, we'd love if you could save your existing one from landfill either by selling it on, or donating it - Foursquare / Edinburgh Furniture Initiative is a great charity who will collect your piece from you and get it ready for resale to those who are really in need of a fresh start. Find them here


Thanks for reading! If you're interested in a new sofa (or not!), please come in to say hi - we have the Malin and Mia models in store to try out, and the Estrid modular can be viewed by appointment.

With love, Claire and Sarah