Hi, we are Claire and Sarah, co-founders of Six Acres

We first met when we worked together in the property industry (Claire a marketing assistant, Sarah her boss), and we quickly bonded over the feeling that we were selling more than houses.

We were selling homes; spaces where people could be completely themselves, places for vibrancy, laughter, love, and grief. Places to entertain in, and to retreat to. Places for life, in all its fullness.

Together, we had a shared desire to make Showhomes feel less 'show' and more 'home'; to create spaces that were more representative of the people who would be living in them.

In time, we moved in our separate ways - as a property consultant, Sarah travels up and down the country supporting small developers to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, Claire took a sidestep into the retail industry as buyer and manager of a top interiors showroom. We no longer worked together, but we still dreamed of creating the vibrant, thoughtful home spaces we used to love. 

Then lockdown hit and with nothing else to do, we walked. We walked and walked and walked. In our little bubble we talked of a shop; it would be a local place filled with beautiful home accessories and furniture. It would have a conscience, would champion sustainable goods, raise up female founders and support UK manufacturing. It would be our very own space. We talked about it until all of a sudden, it was no longer talk. 

So here we are. You're joining us at the very start of our journey, and we're so excited to have you alongside us.

Welcome to Six Acres, filled with rare and beautiful treasures.