Peony, Rose & Oud Diffuser


The Peony, Rose and Oud Reed Diffuser will fill your space with a warm and deep floral fragrance of damask rose, oud wood and a hint of peony. The gentle scent amplifies cosy and calm vibes, helping you to focus, breathe, and be present in the moment.

The fragrance is slowly released via the sustainably sourced reeds and bunny tails, which sit inside the black glass bottle holding 120ml of premium fragrance oils. The Peony, Rose and Oud Reed Diffuser is a gorgeous piece of home decor that adds beauty both in sight and in scent.

Top Notes: Damask Rose, Peony

Middle Notes: Clove, Amber

Base Notes: Vanilla, Agarwood

    Ethics and sustainability are two of our core brand values, as we believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our environment, and that environmental health improves mental wellbeing. As such, we only use recyclable or reusable materials in both the production and packaging of any of our products.

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